OK Video

Screen Test 27 Berlin

The Berlin Screen Tests were originally made as a part of the project "Das große Nature Theater of Oklahoma ruft Euch!" created during the Nature Theater's residence at the Hebbel's HAU 1 Theater in June/July 2013 - a cooperation between HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Berliner Festspiele/Foreign Affairs. As a part of this project, local people of Berlin were invited to a mass "hiring" of the Nature Theater of Oklahoma, as in Kafka's novel Amerika. Each of the participants were given 4 minutes in front of the camera to answer 4 basic job interview type questions. Each of these movies was made to mimic the format and style of Andy Warhol's Factory screen tests. To see all the videos in this series, go to vimeopro.com/oktheater/berlin-screen-tests