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Die Nibelungen - Behind the Scenes (Violence)

Scenes from our work on some of the more violent scenes from Die Nibelungen. Filmed in Einhausen and Lorsch with the cast (in order of appearance): Lukas Ritter, Fernando Gomez (on ketchup), Astrid Lichti, Annette Moll, Arne Lobler, Monika Loser, and Jens Schambach. More Behind the Scenes from our Nibelungen film is coming soon. The finished film of die Nibelungen premieres this fall at Matchbox Festival in the Rhein-Neckar region of Germany.

To see all the Behind the Scenes videos from our work on Die Nibelungen, go to: vimeopro.com/oktheater/die-nibelungen-behind-the-scenes